It’s Time to Face the Infuriating Reality of Police Brutality

Display of police militarization in Ferguson Missouri

Display of police militarization in Ferguson Missouri

When you are in your twenties, early thirties, you feel as if you deserve to use these years to have fun. Maybe you will find your significant other, maybe further your career, if anything.. find yourself. Unfortunately that seems to be on the back burner these days… I can’t help but feel utterly disturbed by the state of the police these days. Specifically in the South, I have come across evidence of the utter stupidity, ignorance, and outright disregard for human rights. There are countless reports of police brutality on innocent citizens, black citizens in particular, that have been subject to murder, assault and at the very least prejudice. Don’t take my word on this, visit Innocent women, children, grandfathers and family pets are being slaughtered in the name of protecting citizens from drugs and prostitution! What makes one denizen’s life more valuable than another? Is it really moral to “accidentally” shoot someone to save someone else?  In the name of the War on Drugs, or the War on Terror, there are atrocities committed and the citizens of this country look the other way. We assume that the people in charge ( the cops and judicial system) are taking care of matters in a just way. The unavoidable fact is they are out of control. Don’t spend your life avoiding the issues in our government, you ignore the social injustice you see every day. You assume that it’s their fault, that THEY  have done something do deserve this treatment, this way of  life. This is a government supposedly for the people, by the people. So WHY are WE, the people, being treated like invaders in our own country? Why has it come to the police being the judge jury and executioners? Can we stop this? Absolutely.. will we? I sure hope so. There are enough good people out there with the courage and determination to get these imperative issues addressed.. If we come together.. [Cue the Beatles] 😉 Despite how enervated I might feel at the end of a long bout of browsing through the issues in society today, I force myself to have faith in all the wonderful people out there putting themselves in danger for what they believe in.

Photo Credit: Larry W Smith

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