About Me


Finally, I forced myself to make an attempt at the “About Me” section. Not being a shy person, I tend to be quite surprised at how hesitant I am to introduce myself in any social situation. I will, however,  make an attempt to describe who I am, what I am about, and who I would like to reach. Since that is apparently what I am supposed to be doing in this section.

The majority of my life has consisted of moving from place to place; therefore, I do not particularly identify with any race or region. I do know I am of Spanish and, Basque descent, and that I was born in Puerto Rico.

I am not a democrat, or republican. I am, however, against unsound money, the current foreign policy, lobbying, the current drug laws, and really too many laws to mention. I enjoy debating ethics, traveling, and meeting people who encourage me to see things from new, innovative perspectives. I hope you are one of them. If not, that is okay too.



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