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It’s not the moments that present themselves to us that define us, it’s who we are and who we become in those moments that really counts for something.

Down to its core, this life is a constant journey into uncertainty. We believe that we can see into the future and try to create a path for ourselves, but the more we settle into what is going on right now the more we begin to realize that we are living in a constant fog. To some, this fog may be the most frightening thing of all and they will try to control it as much as possible – only to realize that they have trapped themselves in a mental prison of sorts. But for others, they will adventure into the fog boldly and fearlessly with no intention of trying to be the marionette but instead the ever curious journeyman.

It’s from…

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Analysis of Political Rhetoric

The Politics of Writing

I mentioned briefly in my article The Purpose of Writing that people should become familiar with the rhetoric used by politicians and news sources as a defense mechanism. The logic was that if people were able to clearly identify the ways in in which speakers try to sway them, the people would be more critical instead of passive about what they are told. The first way we can analyze this, and probably the easiest way, is to look at your average politician.

For this I’ll take a speech Hillary Clinton made about economic change. I’m only going to do the first ten minutes since the entire thing is nearly an hour, so to follow along you can either watch the first ten minutes and then read the analysis or you can follow along by the time markers I provide.

So following the basic structure of a speech, the first few…

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