Actor/Comedian/Philanthropist/Activist I <3


Russel Brand

Aware, Hilarious, Genuine, Smart & Charismatic

His ability to entertain and inform is invaluable.

More people like Russel please!!!

Watch this interview.

7 thoughts on “Actor/Comedian/Philanthropist/Activist I <3

  1. I appreciated the videos and your insightful comments however, correct me if I’m wrong but maybe you shouldn’t use the word ‘didactic’ as you have done. The nuances of the word (it has slightly ‘negative’, in need of a better word, connotations) places your statement at odds with the positive/approving attitude towards Russel that the rest of your piece conveys.

    Pedantic me aside, I agree with you that Russel is insightful. Furthermore, his incurable eccentricity elevates him to a whole new level of biting comedy.

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    • I appreciate your comment! I was unaware of the negative connotation since apparently it hasn’t always been that way. Any recommendations on what to replace it with? 🙂


      • To say that the word ‘didactic’ has a ‘negative’ connotation isn’t wholly accurate so I will try to explain my comment more clearly. So here goes my best attempt:

        As Google puts nicely, ‘didactic’ can mean “in the manner of a teacher, particularly so as to appear patronizing”. I may be wrong but being patronizing isn’t exactly a good thing. It’s because of this that I would be a little hesitant to use ‘didactic’ your otherwise positive piece.

        Hopefully my crude explanation made some sense to you 🙂

        And in terms of a substitute for the word, maybe the phrase “apologetically candid and insightful”? Or maybe just “candid” or “insightful”. Or maybe you’ll come up with something else all together 🙂

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