Prevailing Peace Even In a Time of War: The Christmas Truce of 1914

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Well, for reportedly two weeks starting on Christmas, during one of the bloodiest wars in human history: the trench warfare of WWI. British and German soldiers stopped fighting and had peace. “Never … was I so keenly aware of the insanity of war.” Indeed. It’s one of my favorite stories ever, so I thought I had to make a blog post on it. Check it, British and German troops:


From Reason, if you’re unfamiliar with this event from almost exactly 100 years ago:

The truce was a series of unofficial and widespread cease-fires that extended over two weeks. The truce between mostly British and German troops centered on the Western Front, defined by lines of trenches that stretched across France from the North Sea to the border of Switzerland. The trenches were often close enough for the combatants to exchange shouted words and to smell food their adversaries were cooking.

Life in…

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Quote of the Day


“From my personal experience there are two countries in which my political writings can basically not appear. One is the U.S. within the mainstream with very rare exceptions. The other is the USSR..I think what we ought to do is to try to understand the truth about the world. And the truth about the world is usually quite unpleasant. My own concern is primarily the terror and violence carried out by my own state, for two reasons. For one thing, because it happens to be the larger component of international violence. But also for a much more important reason than that; namely, I can do something about it. So even if the U.S. was responsible for 2 percent of the violence in the world instead of the majority of it, it would be that 2 percent I would be primarily responsible for. And that is a simple ethical judgment. That is, the ethical value of one’s actions depends on their anticipated and predictable consequences. It is very easy to denounce the atrocities of someone else. That has about as much ethical value as denouncing atrocities that took place in the 18th century.

The point is that the useful and significant political actions are those that have consequences for human beings. And those are overwhelmingly the actions which you have some way of influencing and controlling, which mean for me, American actions. But I am also involved in protesting Soviet imperialism, and also explaining its roots in Soviet society. And I think that anyone in the Third World would be making a grave error if they succumbed to illusions about these matters.[13]

-Noam Chomsky

The Sweet & Lovely People Appearing To Run The Federal Government

eric holder attorney general

Meet Eric Holder. Such a sweet guy..really. Almost became vice president to Obama. Settled for Attorney General. First cabinet member to be held in contempt of court. An extra in the FAST & FURIOUS, a huge supporter of the War on Terror. AND he loves him some drones.

martha martha johnson

Martha Martha Martha! This lady knows how to party! Why didn’t we get an invite to the Spa & Casino?!…Not nice Ms. Johnson. If she’s not ignoring complaints about illness and death (who cares about that anyway?)…or spending time visiting the local psychic she’s probably getting a henna tattoo on the beach. God knows she needs some sun.

Not “that there’s anything particularly wrong with her”


The Honorable Samuel Kent. Look at that handsome devil. Whaaaat?! Convicted of sexual abuse. And STILL tried to keep his $163,000 salary for life. Who wouldn’t?

Uh-oh. It’s Senator Menendez! Allegedly solicits child prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Who knows? Maybe that Dominican girl is just out to get him.


Felipe SIXto got off with SIX hundred thousand dollars. He DID say sorry though.

I could go on, and on. But even if the story DOES happen to make the news. Whoever went down for it, probably wasn’t the person responsible. Well…except Samuel. He was definitely responsible. 😉

So hate who you want, whether it be Obama, Kim Kardashian, or the girls in the Bad Girls Club.. they are all here to distract us from the real problem.

The Man Behind The Mask.