English/Spanish Cognate of the Day


contumely n.

Rudeness or contempt arising from arrogance; insolence.

An insolent or arrogant remark or act.

“Why, SHE don’t want him skinned; it would break her heart. Now – “

“Woman, this is perfectly unreasonable. What in the nation DOES she want?”

“Marse Tom, if you would only be a little patient, and not fly off the handle at the least little thing. Why, she only wants you to speak to him.”

“Speak to him! Well, upon my word! All this unseemly rage and row about such a – a – Dorcas, I never saw you carry on like this before. You have alarmed the sentry; he thinks I am being assassinated; he thinks there’s a mutiny, a revolt, an insurrection; he – “

“Marse Tom, you are just putting on; you know it perfectly well; I don’t know what makes you act like that – but you always did, even when you was little, and you can’t get over it, I reckon. Are you over it now, Marse Tom?”

“Oh, well, yes; but it would try anybody to be doing the best he could, offering every kindness he could think of, only to have it rejected with contumely and . . . Oh, well, let it go; it’s no matter – I’ll talk to the doctor. Is that satisfactory, or are you going to break out again?

A Horse’s Tale by Twain, Mark

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com

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