momentarily stepping out of the fog


As I embarked upon my usual path to the park, I found myself missing the accompaniment of upbeat music. After a few minutes, my thoughts began to wander, and I settled into an unusually slow gait. I found it extremely difficult to focus on the world around me while surrounded by loud activity, but luckily the park entrance was now in sight. I hurried up the steps to commence my peregrination. As I entered the park, the variety of greenery caught my attention. I am not well versed in dendrology, so it is impossible for me to describe the intricate beauty and knotty texture of this tree trunk. After admiring it for a minute or two, I continued down the walkway. Small lizards scuttled across my path, rustling the dry leaves as they searched for cover. I dawdled towards the middle of the park, and found myself facing a huge tree. Of course, I notice this tree every time I walk through this park. Today, however, I took the time to examine this humongous being. Finally, I noticed the vines hanging from the tree were actually roots. The tree produces hanging vines, which over time root to the ground and thicken to form a secondary trunk. As I look around, there are several “trees” connected to the large tree’s branches. I have exercised at this park on countless occasions. Yet, I never took the time to notice the intricate beauty of nature. It’s amazing what you can miss when you’re not looking.

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