The State of the Union: Faker Than Professional Wrestling

Milam's Musings


I haven’t had my nap today (those are crucial to libertarian functioning, I hear), so a few reactions to the State of the Union.

Let’s start with the three positives: 1.) It’s great that transgender, bisexual and lesbian were mentioned for the first time in a SOTU speech. However, that deserves an asterisk: Never lose sight of the fact that it’s because the political capital is there to do so. It’d have been much neater to hear those words when the political capital wasn’t there. That’s courage. I digress, as this is the positive section…2.) Lifting the Cuban embargo. A failed policy for five decades with absolutely no sensible justification for maintaining. 3.) Obama’s always been a good orator with some swagger. If he wasn’t a president that killed innocent brown people, I’d probably want to drink a beer with him.

And the rest…

Obama said, “We need to set…

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