The Analogy of the Cave

Thoughts from Philosophy

One of Plato’s most well-known allegories is that of the cave. Plato used this to illustrated the collective human goal to strive towards truth.  I think it is beneficial for any student to learn the allegory with a visual aid. Below is a sketch of how the cave would look like:

Image converted using ifftoany


In the cave, the prisoners are faced away from the actual objects that are projected as shadows on the wall the prisoners are facing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.58.51 PM

This table was also helpful in relating this simile to Plato’s main idea for using the three metaphors. It was important for me to understand that the prisoner dragged outside of the cave and exposed to the light is representative of the philosopher in Plato’s ideal republic. I had not realized this before; the confusing part was mainly that I thought anyone would be able to lead themselves out of the darkness of the…

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