Hegel and Marx on Alienation

Thoughts from Philosophy

One basic distinction between Hegel and Marx is that Hegel holds the state, the inner circle of elites that represents the highest culture, in priority to the individual. Meaning, when individuals experience alienation from the greater society, they should recognize that it is their flawed nature that has led them to becoming an outcast. To overcome this feeling of psychological alienation is to have achieved the Alienation Consciousness.

Marx’s definition of alienation takes the form of economics. Alienation occurs when the laborer is disconnected from the process of production and the fruits of his/her labor. Marx offers two steps to overcome alienation:

  1. Raw Communism, where a revolution causes a redistribution of property and wealth. The revolution will not directly result in laborers’ human fulfillment; it is simply the transitional stage between Capitalism and pure Communism. Greed and envy will still exist.
  2. Ultimate Communism (also called positive humanism), where perfect equality is…

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