The United States Tortured and It Was Wrong

Milam's Musings


(I’ve been meaning to do a post on the Senate’s released torture report, so I thought I’d pull together some meandering musings from a Facebook and wrestling message board post. Edited for clarity.)

The argument seems to be that we need to torture because not torturing is akin to trying to fight “the enemy” with our hand tied behind our back. They’re fighting without scruples, why can’t we? Because that’s the whole point! That’s the foundation of morality (and to a lesser extent, the law); that we make the choice to be better and to act better, lest we are no different than the ones we claim to fight for some grandiose purpose, which ultimately would make that purpose hollow if it was defended or obtained through dirty means, anyway.

Who cares what the opposition is doing? What makes us any different than them if we get dirtier or as…

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