What happened?


People are so different than they were portrayed to me as a child.

Even though I fall into the dysfunctional childhood half of the population the values taught to me at home and in school were very similar to the “normal” half. I was taught not to steal, lie, or cheat. I was taught to share and show consideration and fairness. When did we become so decadent?  When did it begin to be okay to steal in the context of grossly overcharging for a service or product? Why can the person from an affluent home with less ambition and intelligence go to the better school? The true inventor is often disregarded while the producer lauded. Doesn’t matter when or why, things changed.

Why can’t I just enjoy things like I used to? I truly enjoyed life. Looked upon it with awe. Music, art, sports, animals, nature, arts and crafts, family, books, dialogue…Now I spend my day reading bad news and trying to figure out how to bring awareness to things sometimes I wish I didn’t know. No wonder the tribes in the Amazon don’t want to contact the outside world. Constantly enslaved to the phone and always going and going. Never truly enjoying the only thing we possess- the right now. Oh well.

Cheers! To making it to retirement…

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